The history of HELIROMA begins in 1996 at Arrifana with the production of high and low-density polyethylene pipes for construction and agricultural sector.

Since an early age, HELIROMA shows their innovative nature, the company’s strong position in the market, the powerful development and the increased competition makes HELIROMA expand its product range and move our facilities to a larger building.

HELIROMA also invested in the production of plumbing systems for hot-cold water and heating. This change stimulated the increase of highly qualified human resources resulting in a better quality of the products, turning HELIROMA into a reference in Europe, especially in the Iberian Peninsula, for the manufacture of PP-R pipes and fittings.

HELIROMA stands out as one of the few European manufacturers that produces PP-R pipes with fiberglass compound, also known as the third-generation pipe. This reality allowed to win a very significant share of the European market, and to produce these pipes for many of the world-renowned manufacturers.

HELIROMA is also one of the few Iberian manufacturers of multilayer pipes PE-RT / AL / PE-RT and fittings.

In addition, HELIROMA manufactures cross-linked polythylene: PE-Xa

pipes and a polyethylene raised temperature: PE-RT pipes with and without oxygen barriers.

At 2020, in full pandemic crisis COVID, HELIROMA handled the launch of two new products: PPSU fittings, to complete a multilayer system and RED FIRE pipe and fittings, a system designed for the installation of sprinklers and hydrants on firefighting facilities.

With the best raw material, we produce PP-R 100, PP-RCT 125, PPSU, PE-Xa and PE-RT piping systems, offering to all customers a dimension bandwidth of 12-400 mm.

All HELIROMA’s products are manufactured using must advance technology whether on extrusion and injection, in line with the most stringent international standards requirements.

At 2021, HELIROMA established a new brand identity. We believe that our brand now has a stronger presence, maintaining the link to the previous identity, and projecting HELIROMA in the future.

A wealth of ideas in product development and business skills, helped the company to achieve fast and healthy growth.


Today, HELIROMA is positioned as a technological pioneer in the industry.


Foundation of HELIROMA – Plásticos S.A., in Arrifana – Portugal. First production of high and low density polyethylene pipes.

16 de July, 1996


Move of facilities to ​​Albergaria-a-Velha – Portugal.

16 de July, 1998


Market launch of PP-R pipes and fittings.

16 de July, 2001


Market launch of PP-R larger diameters up to 160 mm.

16 de July, 2004


Market launch of PE-RT / AL / PE-RT multilayer pipe and brass fittings.

16 de July, 2007


Move to new facilities with a bigger area.

16 de July, 2021


Market launch of PE-Xa pipes.

16 de July, 2021


Market launch of PE-RT pipes.

16 de July, 2011


Market launch of PP-RCT 125 + FG larger diameters up to 400 mm.

16 de July, 2014


Market launch of large Multilayer diameters.

16 de July, 2015


Integration in an international group: HULIOT GROUP.

16 de July, 2019


Market launch of PPSU fittings. Market launch of RED FIRE system.

16 de July, 2020


HELIROMA’s new brand identity.

16 de July, 2021