HELIROMA offers a wide range of pipes and fittings for firefighting systems. RED FIRE is a reliable firefighting system which grants maximum security. 

HELIROMA RED FIRE is a piping system made of PP-R with fiberglass specially developed for fire suppression. The RED FIRE system is suitable for applications on fire hydrants and sprinkler systems.



RED FIRE can be installed in ordinary hazard (OH) and medium hazards areas (MH), according to standard UNE 671 and RD 513/2017.

Technical Building Code allows the use for standard 25 mm and 45 mm equipped fire hydrants on the following areas:

– Administrative and school buildings (area > 2000 m²);

– Hospitals;

– Commercial, area > 500 m²;

– Public Buildings, area > 500 m²;

– Parkings, area > 500 m² (excluding robotic parking)

– Residential buildings, area > 1000 m², or facilities designed to accommodate more than 50 people.

System can be used as long as there are at least 2 equipped fire hydrants for a minimum of 60 minutes and a nozzle pressure of 2 bar, in the previous application areas.



RED FIRE can only be installed with sprinklers for wet systems, as defined in EN 12845 for buildings classified as light risk (RL) and ordinary risk (OR1, OR2, OR3 and OR4).

In branched networks with sprinklers, shut-off valves or flow prevention mechanisms cannot be used downstream of the control station.

Light risk (LR)

LR includes activities with low fire loads, low combustibility and with no compartment larger than 126 m2 with a fire resistance of at least 30 minutes. Examples: Schools, Offices, Penitentiary centres.

Ordinary risk (OR)

OR includes activities where combustible materials with a medium fire load and medium combustibility is processed or manufactured.


Examples: Teaching centres, residential buildings, hospitals, shopping centres, public buildings, hotels, industrial buildings.