We develop products for the construction sector so that we can contribute to improving performance, energy efficiency, sustainability and the durability of each building.

Through technology and innovative production processes, our products ensure maximum quality and resistance.

When working with HELIROMA, you can benefit from a set of advantages that will certainly help you to make your work more profitable.

  • Evaluation of HELIROMA products
  • Product brochures and access to all HELIROMA news
  • Support from regional representatives that operate in the local market and will always be in touch with you;
  • Support from the Technical and Quality Department;
  • Formation of the HELIROMA product (digital and face-to-face format);
  • BIM files at your disposal: Now it will be easier to develop a construction project, with the help of this tool that allows for flawless design and a specific study, depending on the needs of each client.


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