Quality continues to be the pillar of HELIROMA’s success.

Through the fulfilment of our customers’ quality standards and requirements, we ensure their satisfaction with our products and services.

HELIROMA apply quality standards and working guidelines that are valid and recognised worldwide.

HELIROMA invests heavily in the areas of Quality, Personnel Training, as well as in the Certification of the company and its products. We
are certified according to EN ISO 9001:2015 by AENOR and IQNET. The high-quality standard allows a 10-year warranty on all products
that we manufacture.

All HELIROMA’s products passes through a demanding and rigorous analysis and respective production tests, in order to guarantee the
product conformity. 

To complete analyses several tests are carried out in third party laboratories with international recognition.

Being certified with several product approvals means that we are visited many times a year from each certification Institute, and that
production is constantly monitored.

This success is another step towards strengthening our competitive position at market.

Quality Management Policy

The Executive Management of Heliroma assumes and is committed to a set of principles that are part of the Management Policy, considering fundamental to the evolution and success of Heliroma:

– Improvement of its quality management system, its products and services to meet the needs and expectations of its customers, but also of the other relevant stakeholders, without losing sight of the growth of the business, to continue to ensure the necessary return to its prosperity.

– Evolution of people, as a essential factor of their existence, promoting the professional development of their employees and ensuring the adequacy of their skills to the functions they perform;

 – Guarantee of the quality of the products, which must always be better;

  – Preserving the environment, controlling and managing all production waste, in accordance with existing legislation and regulations;

– Profit as a final measure of efficiency and as a necessity for the growth of HELIROMA.

– Commitment to providing safe products, which satisfy the requirements of customers and which comply with the applicable legal, normative, statutory and regulatory requirements.