Ultra Silent: the noise is not a problem anymore

» We are currently witnessing the expansion of high-rise construction and with it some emerging challenges in terms of acoustic comfort. Exposure to noise from infrastructure is one of them.
With the increase in constructive requirements in residential buildings, technologically advanced solutions are needed to solve these problems.

Ultra Silent is the ideal system to solve the noise problem in wastewater drainage installations in buildings.

Suitable for residual drainage, rainwater and ventilation and proven by the renowned Fraunhofer für Bauphysik institute, the Ultra Silent system produces extremely low noise levels for all building discharges.

The Ultra Silent system produces 300x less noise and 5x less audible noise than traditional systems.

Ultra Silent piping consists of 3 layers with the secret in the middle layer of mineral-filled polypropylene. This layer gives the pipe strength and stability in the face of the most demanding conditions on the market in terms of temperatures, impacts and chemical fluids.

The Ultra Silent system features push-fit shoulder connections and hydraulically optimized accessories to achieve the best results in terms of quick installation and performance. It also covers a wide field of applications.

It is recommended for discharges at high and low temperatures and can be embedded in the floor, in structures, suspended from walls and ceilings or even buried in the perimeter of the building.

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