Sales of HELIROMA S.A. products are governed by the special conditions of each supply, by these general conditions and by the applicable law.

The acceptance of the products and / or goods marketed by HELIROMA implies, without reservation, these conditions. 

Their knowledge is the customer’s full responsibility. Any conditions contrary to these will not be accepted or will be subject to negotiation.


All order requests must be made to HELIROMA in writing;

– All orders to be accepted by HELIROMA will be subject to written confirmation and in case of divergence, will prevail the confirmation from HELIROMA;

– All orders will be processed with the rounded quantities of a box, laced or roll, according to the requested items;

– Orders below € 1,500 and over € 1,000 will be delivered to the customer, to be payed on delivery;

– Orders worth more than € 1,500 will be delivered by HELIROMA, only valid for the National market, limited to continental territory;

– HELIROMA reserves the right not to accept orders below € 1,000;

– For all shipments, orders must be quantitatively controlled on the number of packages at the time of delivery;

– The formulation of the order to HELIROMA assumes that the customer is bound to these conditions of sale, without any reservation, considering that any clauses to the contrary contained in the orders are not valid.


The current price list is subject to change without notice and prices are subject to the applicable VAT rate.


– Taxes and / or charges inherent to the Export are the sole responsibility of the customer.


– Customs duties;

– Import Orders;

– VAT;

– Insurance, etc.


Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by both parties, the trading conditions that apply to all our supplies are as follows:

Financial Discounts:

– 0.5% Prompt Payment (invoices up to max. 8 days) 0% for payment beyond 8 days;

– All payments that exceed the invoice due date are subject to commercial interest at the applicable legal rate.


The credit terms and payment term will be defined by the Credit Department in writing and the non-compliance will result in immediate suspension of credit dispatches, as well as cancellation of any deal under special conditions and consequent communication to the credit company. For the first 2 orders the payment condition will be prompt payment.



Products sold are the property of HELIROMA S.A. until fully paid by the buyer, regardless of whether they are sold or given to third parties.


Products and / or goods are shipped at the client’s risk at all times when not shipped with HELIROMA S.A.’s own fleet or by a carrier hired by it.

No dispute regarding the choice of carrier and / or means of transport will be accepted. At the express request of the customer indicated on the order form, special protective packaging may be provided, subject to acceptance of such order by HELIROMA and consequent extra charge of packaging costs to the customer.


Materials supplied by HELIROMA are warranted in accordance with applicable law, and HELIROMA’s warranty is limited to a manufacturing defect. The warranty is also limited to the replacement / repair of products found to be defective, and any deficiencies caused by misuse or misuse of the products are not covered. The warranty is also limited to the use of the product as directed by the HELIROMA technical catalogue.


All complaints related to delivery and quantity of our products must be reported within 24 hours upon the reception. After this period the goods are deemed to be properly and correctly delivered. Complaints regarding the lack of packages must be referenced in the accompanying documents in order to be accepted. All claims related to product quality must be reported within the legally defined deadlines. The maximum period of communication to HELIROMA S.A. is 48 hours. All complaints will be analyzed on a case by case basis and HELIROMA reserves the right not to assume them.


Any return will only be accepted with the prior written consent of HELIROMA S.A. and never more than 15 days from the date of delivery.

For accepted returns the material must be in perfect condition for subsequent sale and also included in HELIROMA’s commercialization range. Returned materials must be in intact packaging, show no signs of use and be accompanied by the corresponding Return Note.

All returns accepted will be subject to a minimum devaluation of 35% and in some cases may be higher. Such devaluation will always be previously communicated to the customer. The customer will expressly inform HELIROMA of its acceptance. The cost of shipping accepted returns is always responsibility of the customer.